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Oregon Attorney General holds public law conference that covers
2007 legislative changes to Public Records Law, among others

In November 2007, the Oregon Attorney General held conference to provide training on basic and advanced public law topics and 2007 legislative changes to various Oregon laws, including the Public Records Law (ORS192.410 to 192.505). The discussion of the Public Records Law is at Policy and Overview of the Public Records Law

Open Oregon publishes two new guides in November 2007:

An updated Quick Reference Guide to Oregon's Public Meetings Law [get it here] and a new Quick Reference Guide to Oregon's Public Records law [get it here]

Created in collaboration with the Oregon Attorney General's office, these quick reference guides are intended for public officials and public bodies as well as citizens seeking access to their government's information and meetings. They are free, although we may ask for postage for large quantities of them. Go to [email protected] to request copies.

2007 Legislative session ends with some progress on laws affecting public records

Tom Gallagher and Sarah Myers, lobbyists for the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association, report on the legislature's actions on a variety of bills affecting public records and other matters. See their report here.

Jackson County district attorney orders Medford school district
to disclose names of residents who commented on health curriculum

On an appeal by the Medford Mail Tribune, Mark Huddleston, the Jackson County district attorney, ordered the school district to disclose the contents of letters and e-mails, including the senders' names, of public comments on the district's new health curriculum. See district attorney's letter order.

Multnomah County district attorney orders Portland Development
Commission to disclose facts gathered by agency attorney

The Multnomah County district attorney has ordered a public agency, the Portland Development Commission, to release purely factual information gathered by an attorney (the agency had cited attorney-client privilege). Click on Lawyer-Client Privilege limitations

Public records access audit shows resistance, some compliance
among public records keepers in dozens of Oregon jurisdictions

The audit, called Project Open Oregon, was organized by the Associated Press Newspaper Executives organization and by the Oregon chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. The project was intended to provide a snapshot of what members of the public might encounter when trying to access government documents they're legally entitled to review. To view the audit results, news stories about it, and local reaction, click on Freedom of Information Audit

You can now search the Open Oregon web site for a wide
variety of information, including rulings and briefs

Use the "Search this Site" link in the table of contents (or on this link). You will get a search box plus tips on searching. Type in your search terms and click on "Search" or hit "Enter." You will get the links to all documents that have words matching your search terms. Click on Go to Sample Index for an index of sample letters, briefs, court cases, etc.

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Index of sample letters, court decisions, etc., that might be helpful. Click on the highlighted link
Oregon Supreme Court grants access to Portland School District records of alleged employee theft
Oregon Court of Appeals ruling granting access to Portland police disciplinary records
Sample request to unseal a search warrant and affidavits
Sample request to open an arrest warrant and affidavits
Brief summary and citation on access to juvenile courts
Sample letter to request camera coverage in court
Media Law Research Center's survey on newsroom subpoenas
Cameras in courts rule -- UTCR3.180
HIPAA Tips (thanks to Therese Bottomly) -- HIPAA FAQ
Hospital information (HIPAA - an article from The Oregonian) and a guide from the Media Law Resource Center (HIPAA Guide MLRC)
Portland City Attorney opinion on how Fire Bureau is not covered by HIPAA
Sample court memo on media coverage of high profile case (State v. Kip Kinkel)
Marion Judge orders SAIF to turn over records
Oregon Court of Appeals rules Portland Police disciplinary records in Kendra James case are open
District attorneys in Baker County and Clackamas County order disclosure of notices of tort claims.
Several courts have ruled that defendants' mental health reports are public. Here's one ruling
Josephine County judge rules teacher resignation agreement is public.
Multnomah District Attorney rules attorney-client privilege doesn't apply to factual information
Jackson County District Attorney orders school district to release names, comments on health curriculum
Appeals Court rules prisoner execution preparations are public under Constitution
greenball Open Oregon publishes updated Quick Reference Guide to Oregon's Public Meetings Law (November 2007)
greenballOpen Oregon publishes new Quick Reference Guide to Oregon's Public Records Law (November 2007)


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